Coastal Atlas Survey


The Coastal Survey Atlas provides a coarse overview of the state of the whole coastline and its resources. Using our very own Shark Scan System, underwater images are captured and processed to show actual conditions of the coastline and its resources. This give planners and management an idea of where important sites and critical habitats are located along their coasts. This information is good for conducting site selection, resource inventory and identifying critical habitat areas.

Area Mapping Survey


The Area Mapping Survey provides an overview of a site or locale of interest along the coast such as coral reefs, protected areas, and marine heritage sites. By providing exact area measurements and current structures of the coast, the survey can give planners and management an overall layout of the site of interest. This information is perfect for detailed inventory of marine resources, area measurement, planning and zoning of waterways.

3D Environment Survey


PHOTOGRAMMETRY or 3D Environment Survey provides an extremely detailed view of a site. The level of resolution of the survey allows the information to be used in site monitoring and to create high 3D assessment for ports and maritime infrastructure. This information can be used for marine growth assessment, change detection, and reef restoration transects.

Shark Scan System

How It Works

Antipara Exploration uses its very own Shark Scan System, which consists of an underwater platform, to conduct underwater mapping and surveys. Equipped with both side scan sonar and camera system, the underwater platform is towed in the water capturing both sonar and visual information. The captured information are then processed and analyzed by our special software algorithm to provide underwater resource assessment and details.